Small Charcoal Grate - Firebug Only

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The Charcoal Grate is a master griller's solution to keeping coals hot for those epic Fold-A-Flame meals.

The Charcoal Grate is precision laser cut steel that is specially designed to keep your charcoal raised for premium airflow. The gaps in the Charcoal Grate let heat choking ash fall away from your hot coals. All four sides of the Charcoal Grate are supported by the Fold-A-Flame.

After you assemble the Fold-A-Flame, simply install the Charcoal Grate by sliding it sideways through the lower grate slot and stop once centered. When done, remove the Charcoal Grate from either side, and return it to the flat packing Fold-A-Flame carrying bag.

Large Charcoal Grate fits the CoalBee model Fold-A-Flame only.

Small Charcoal Grate fits the Firebug model Fold-A-Flame only.